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Outdoor Wild is an independent TV show a DRR Productions and Entertainment release. Out of  Southeast  Wisconsin.  The TV weekly episodes have caught on to Social Media more then Producer Dean Romano ever thought it would.    It started out as an access TV show and has been excepted to air on TV networks in Wisconsin and many other networks outside of its home state.   The first  season online and on TV stations throughout Wisconsin has no special Cinematography or any great special effects.  But it is different from many other TV shows. Just good to watch

 Dean Romano  Host/Producer allows the show to go on  as is  in many cases.   Not that he does not care how it looks.  However he wants the show to be able to relate to anyone who understands conservation efforts on our planet.  As well to the people that don't understand. The bottom line.  It's for everybody.   As this production keeps going on.  It gets better and better. It can grow on you.  Before you know it.  You will be watching.   Also unlike many folks. Dean thinks through Science.   In his words. I think that common folks are  the backbone of what is needed  to help  support  the balance of nature and our ecosystem with wildlife. and wild places.  He claims that we are   responsible for environmental damage but we are also responsible for correcting that problem. In which many cases we do. When ever we participate in environmental clean up projects or start living environmental friendly we are helping our environment. In his words.  I   feel  we should continue the trend of environmental clean up.  He also claims that it is Governments that support poaching and over fishing, and the  violent  acts against our wildlife and environment  that create vanishing wildlife and  wild places .  Not local  average  sportsmen.  State and local chapters   actually  help protect and save  our wildlife and wild places.  I   have   seen  first hand where local and state chapters of all conservation efforts have put a lot of money into wetlands ,wildlife programs,  environment  and much more.   Anything   can be managed and corrected if done with common sense and  clever thinking.    Dean  claims that he has worked with environmental issues, wildlife issues, pollinators.  ( such as bees, Monarchs, bats ) and much more.  Conservation  management is everybody's business.   It does not  just  rest on the hands of a few.   Learn it through conservation management and research and watch  educational  Conservation Shows .  Like PBS  Nature   or  our show Outdoor Wild.  We have but one planet and one lifetime.  So lets get it right.   Each episode of Outdoor Wild  will pertain to certain subjects in  conservation.   Through it all.  One can learn  how great  and important our outdoors and wild places are to us,  and how important it is for our survival.  We welcome 3 new members Jesse Hefty, Luke Gapko,and Al Strommen. 


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