Hunters Are Good For Conservation Management

hunters and a deerHunters are needed for proper wildlife management. Hunting is a good way to help control wildlife in many areas.  It helps with the spread of disease, and  heavy populated game that need to be harvested.  Hunting also helps to bring in funds for land  regeneration and wildlife habitat.  Conservation is all about habitat. Whitetail deer are perhaps the largest sales in hunting license there is. I do not think I have missed a whitetail deer hunt in 30 years. This year I plan on hunting Wisconsin and Michigan for those whitetail beauties. I could go on and on about Pheasant hunting, Coyote hunts, grouse hunts, and many other hunts. But I'll just keep it simple and say I enjoy hunting. both small and large game.

Hunting  helps control mishaps in counties near suburban areas where more traffic and people, exist.  It also helps  for those who own pets in those areas. A prime example.  A small pet dog may be prey to a coyote.  Also it helps in farmlands with farm animals and crops. Not all hunters look at nature and hunting that way. But those are only some reasons that hunters are good to have in the field of conservation. The funds raised by sportsmen license sales and  raised by sporting event organizations such as ducks unlimited, or pheasants forever, whitetails unlimited and others all help in restoring wildlife habitat and  land restoration. Your opinion may be different then mine. But that can be said for all people who never agree on one subject.  It’s  all about  respect, safety, management, and common sense. Enjoy the great outdoors and the hunt. Also try and remember, the DNR has laws for a reason. Learn them, be careful, stay safe and have a good time.  On a global issue of poaching and over fishing. Those problems are caused by governments that support those trades.Also farming and development cause wildlife to disappear  They bring in millions of dollars to our growing economy and its a serious problem. However not caused by local and state chapters of hunting and fishing that actually bring more wildlife and land regeneration support.  


This  Article is Dedicated To  Art  Deworak

1934 to 2014


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